Coach Boot Camp!
Getting familiar with Beachbody, your websites, the back office, and the 3 vital behaviors!
Module 1 Getting Familiar with Coach Online Office and 3 Vital Behaviors
This first module is just to familiarize yourself with the Beachbody Coach Online office, get your method to receive payment from Beachbody set up, and to introduce you to ongoing training opportunities.
Unit 1 Unit 1 - Introductions
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Intro to Coach Online Office
Unit 3 Unit 3 - 3 Vital Behaviors
Unit 4 Unit 4 - Making Money
Unit 5 Unit 5 - Setting up your profile and websites
Unit 6 Unit 6 - Training and Learning Opportunities
Module 2 Challenge Groups and the Invitation Process
You will learn how to start and invite people to a challenge group!!
Unit 1 Unit 1 - What is a Challenge Group?
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Where do Challengers come from?
Unit 3 Unit 3 - How to Make a Group Page on Facebook
Unit 4 Unit 4 - The 5 Step Process
Unit 5 Unit 5 - How to set up an order
Unit 6 Unit 6 - Challenge Group Audio
Module 3 Coach Placement, Lead Programs, and Recruiting New Coaches
It is important to begin to understand how to build a team! If you want to do two things: 1. Help the most people possible AND 2. Make the most money possible You need to learn to build a team and to maximize the lead and compensation plans!
Unit 1 Unit 1 - Emerald Coach Status
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Trickle Down and Coach Placement Strategy
Unit 3 Importance of Success Club...
Unit 4 Let's get to business...
Unit 5 Let's Get You a Team!
Unit 6 Overcoming Objections
Module 4 Shakeology and other Product Training
Learn more about some of the most popular Shakeology products!!
There are no units in this module.
Coach 3 Day Quick Start!
Let's get your Beachbody business off to a Quick Start!!! No time to waste....people need us!! No time to need to cover your cost!! Let's do this!!!!
Module 1 Success Club - getting Started Right!!
Module One...Importance of Success Club!!
Unit 1 Importance of Success Club!
Summit 2014 Workshops
Learn from the Summit 2014 workshops!
Module 1 Summit 2014
Choose your video - I don't care what order - just get them all watched...these are people that are the most successful coaches. Here is the other cool thing - even though much of this is Beachbody specific - these are principles that will help you in life and business in general!
Unit 1 Summit 2014 - Products to Paychecks
Unit 2 Summit 2014 - Pitch Your Niche to Social Media
Unit 3 Summit 2014 - Overcoming Objections
Unit 4 Summit 2014 - Creating Loyal Shakeology Customers
Unit 5 Summit 2014 - Activities to create a full time income
Unit 6 Summit 2014 - Understanding Personalities to Connect
Unit 7 Summit 2014 - Challenge Groups New Ways to Achieve Group Success
Unit 8 Summit 2014 - Creating High Performace Coaches
Unit 9 Summit 2014 - Building Relationships and Perfecting the Invite
Unit 10 Summit 2014 - Creating Amazing Customer Experiences
Unit 11 Summit 2014 - Developing Diamonds
Unit 12 Summit 2014 - Journey to Financial Freedom